World of Arts x Nine Gallery


Malinda Design Centre is an elegantly designed space, featuring three storeys of clean modern lines and understated décor. From 16th to 21st March, a sumptuous line-up of the finest artworks by South Korea’s acclaimed Nine Gallery is set to be unveiled to eager art fiends. Scheduled to open from 10AM to 8PM daily, striking art pieces will be displayed amongst the handsome furniture crafted by Malinda Design Centre. Upcoming Korean celebrity artists Shin Hyung loc, Sung Hye-rim, Kim Dae-sub, Bae Soo min, Byun Dae yong, Sul Park, Woo Byung chul and Kim Kyung ja will be showcasing their spectacular art pieces in the art fair from 16-21st March. Since its inception in 1994, Nine Gallery has been an integral part of South Korea’s blossoming art scene. Dazzling and delighting local and international art lovers alike with exhibitions of thought-provoking creations from contemporary Korean artists, Nine Gallery has won a multitude of awards and plaudits for its marvellously curated international exhibitions.



For guests with a soft spot for artworks from Indonesia’s archipelago, fascinating art pieces from local art powerhouses Popo Iskandar, B Rosar, Erica Hestu Wahyuni, Erizal AS and Cheng Sui are featured amongst the star-studded line-up gracing the exhibition from 22nd to 26th March. Meticulously handpicked by famed local art collector Penny Wen from World of Arts, guests will appreciate the gorgeous details and intricate finishes, signatures of Indonesia’ very distinctive art style. Art aficionados are urged to pencil in the dates of the exhibition lest they risk missing out on the bewitching festivity of artistry.