Sound Investment


Lovingly sculpted by the Danish design wunderkind Cecilie Manz, the newest member of B&O PLAY’s cast of wireless speakers is a beautiful piece of equipment. With its elegantly minimalist form and delightfully intuitive controls, the B&O PLAY M5’s design is a signature of multiple award-winning industrial designer Cecilie Manz's impeccable design sense. Clad in a svelte, acoustically transparent wool-blend fabric designed specifically by luxury textile maker Kvadrat, the B&O PLAY M5 is an elegant addition to any penthouse loft. Made of delicate multi-coloured threads, an assortment of wool covers is available to complement any interior. 


A pearl-blasted and anodised aluminium disc which serves as the speaker’s control covers the top of the speaker, gracefully matte and exuding luxury. The tactile disc oscillates gently towards its neutral position when pressed downwards, pausing or playing the speaker, or syncing with other active B&O PLAY devices. Underneath the disc is a beautifully crafted rigid polymer body – a large acoustic chamber housing the state-of-the-art electronics of the B&O PLAY M5.


The B&O PLAY M5 is a standalone speaker with multi-room audio capability, seamlessly transitioning between a companion for moments of quiet contemplation and an accomplice of rambunctious house parties. A set up of multiple B&O PLAY speakers can sync effortlessly in various rooms, connecting people with a seamless music experience. Easily controlled from smartphones or tablets, the B&O PLAY M5 can stream millions of songs at 96kHz/24bit lossless quality from Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and other music services. The B&O PLAY M5’s comprehensive functions include support for Beolink Multiroom, Spotify Connect, QPlay 2.02, Apple Airplay and Bluetooth. 


As with all of B&O PLAY’s exquisite speakers, the B&O PLAY M5 delivers well-balanced stereo audio, hitting all the range of notes perfectly with deep and rich bass. The speaker’s True360 degree omnidirectional sound promises a perfect experience for any venue or configuration. With features such as a neodymium-powered woofer, the cutting-edge Ambient Technology as well as built-in Chromecast powered by cloud, it’s easy to see why the B&O PLAY M5 comfortably goes toe-to-toe with top-of-the line speakers. Audiophiles keen to test B&O PLAY M5 can head down to B&O's showroom at Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta or Jalan Sunset Road no. 55, Bali.