Tips For The Lips



Elevate your look to ultimate elegance with Burberry’s gorgeous Lip Velvet. Just like its namesake, the richly pigmented lip colour glides on smoothly, which results in a seductive, velvety finish. The colour is rich, but it feels light as air on the lips. You can also find Burberry’s signature pattern carved on the lipstick, making it a must-have collectible.


If you’re looking for a perfect matte finish but prefer the liquid texture, Liquid Lip Velvet is your answer. The combination of rich pigment and the whipped, creamy texture ensures effortless application plus comfortable and non-drying results on the lips. Thanks to the new innovative formula, you no longer have to worry about your lips drying, fading or cracking.


Step up your lip game a notch with contours and shapes in order to achieve naturally fuller-looking lips. Pimp up the plumpness of your lips using the multipurpose Lip Colour Contour that can be worn as pre-colour lip prime, contour tool and even as a lip colour by itself. This product can moisturise the lips for up to six hours, is very easy to use and blend, and perfect to get the chic nude look.


For instant long-lasting colours and fuller-looking lips, opt for the Burberry Full Kisses collection. Lasting up to eight hours, the unique flat-top shape is designed for mistake-proof application, which is perfect for busy ladies who are always on the go. Give it one quick stroke, and see the rich veneer of bold and luminous colour as it gives a vibrant touch to your look.